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I jennidina welcome you to my knitting blog.
if you are looking for my personal life, look at undecidedinny,
if your looking for samples of my work, you are in the right place, poetry will be in another journal once i get it up and running.
in the mean time
i am a college student in NYC with a love for the arts. ALL KINDS, everything from music, theater, painting, sketching, and of course knitting (or why else would this exist??) etc.
well feel free to browse, befriend me or whatever
and leave comments!!!

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Jul. 27th, 2004 @ 12:01 pm unitl i fix my livejournal, you can find the link to my membership here
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Jul. 27th, 2004 @ 10:52 am FINALLY... well kinda
Well its not the camera i was searching for, its my phone's camera, so the pictures aren't great, but its a start!!!
pictures!!Collapse )
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Jul. 22nd, 2004 @ 11:17 pm busy girl
Current Mood: creativecreative
Well, i'm busy!! i took alot of yarn from a charity benifit so that i can do my charity work. which is nice, because ALOT of the yarn is pretty, so i can make cute things, and get some practice plus try new ideas.
my poncho is coming along nicely. i might make a hat or bag to go with it, i'll see if i have anything left.
the shawl hasn't been touched in a while, but i'll go back to it
my mom promised to take me shopping for the yarn for the baby blanket i'm going to make for Dawn's baby on the way
and now i get to get more yarn for a BEAUTIFUL shawl i'm making to go to a wedding. so cool being able to make my own clothing.
I also made a swatch of the glittery yarn i bought on sale. its so thin!!! i guess i'll start of the shirts i want to make with it AFTER i finish the other things. so i guess that one starts in the winter?
my dad suprised me by ordering me the denise set, which is so nice, plus i'm waiting on the stupid post office to deliver my other needles. so i should have a real collection come next month... stupid post office taking too long lol.

i had a lenghy conversation with my aunt today who i never used to talk to much. but recently, we've been talking alot. She too knitted (and now i learn still does) and she couldn't stop saying how wonderful it is that I discovered the art. Kinda cool,
i'm still searching for my digital camera, and now i'm saving up to just get a new one. (yeah right)
oh well...
btw, what do you all think of the grapic on the side. its a bit creepy i know. i designed it, and i'm thinking of making a different one.
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Jul. 22nd, 2004 @ 12:39 am (no subject)
reopening undeciededinny. figured this will be for my art and works, and the other is for my life. oh well.
talk to you all there.
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Jul. 14th, 2004 @ 11:23 pm so much for the einstein
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
so much for the einstein
my mom was in a car accident. noone was hurt, our car wasn't even damaged, but she owes 140 to the owner of the other car. so all the money i put away for the coat goes bye bye b/c shes short on cash and i cannot stand to see her like that. i said that i would cover half... and even if she doesn't take the money, i should put it to something like books for school. can you say distressing?
and my birthday presents? i can kiss those goodbye too. Goodbye denise set, goodbye broadway show. oh well. guess thats life right? i just find it so distressing that my own father doesn't get how upset i am. or for that matter why. oh well, still got all those other projects to work on.

on a positive note...
got half the needles i was being sent today (i got the circular ones) Thanks Loretta!! :) :). i was so happy when i got them i started dancing (well not literally, but close lol). PLUS she sent me a book with patterns in it!! how cool is that!! especially since there is a baby outfit and i got a baby to knit for now, not my own, and the kid probably isn't going to know me, but it would be so nice to know i dressed a cute baby in my own handmade clothing. kinda cool.
still no camera found
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Jul. 13th, 2004 @ 07:31 pm WIP whipped
Well since my summer vacation officially started (i took one session of classes in summer school, B- and C+, for how many classes i missed due to illness those are really great grades!!!) i finally took count of my works in progress

as of now:
Ari's Fury (the amazing poncho that better fit lol)
2 catnip mice that i'm making as a thank you gift
a Fair Isle bag that i started
and a patch that is halfway completed for Henry's Blanket *go look at the knittersreview site, all about it there.
and a blue 30% mohair shawl that i am halfway through.

i need to start before the end of the summer (basically means i need to get the needles and the yarn)
a baby blanket for a baby due in SEPT!!!
and the amazing Einstein coat LOL.
i was planning to start 3 shirts and a scarf that matches but that can wait...

i started the poncho today its so nice so far even though its only a long strip 4 stitches long 120 wide.
i can't find my shawl anywhere, got to look harder
oh well doing laundry...

BTW i got a question. for those of you that use public laundryrooms, are all knits washed on knits/delicates or is it only wools and natural fibers. do acrylics too? or should i make it easy and wash all by hand?
just wondering

also, STILL LOOKING FOR THAT CAMERA!! AUGH!! (if i can't find it, i'm lining my stuff up, using color film and calling it a disposable camera LOL.)
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Jul. 11th, 2004 @ 11:57 pm so tired of searching
being broke and not being able to find the poncho of my dreams, i created my own. I even made the swatch!! its so cute! i'm calling it Ari's Fury probably because its the same color as my cat which is too funny b/c hes a tabby and so is the yarn. Its this wierd fiber i got for real cheap at a rug shop, but its really soft. called Olefin and it was 3 dollars for 5 balls. i'm going back to buy more next week. So my main projects this summer are Ari's Fury (or JEnn's poncho, since its a variation of Jen's poncho in Sally Melviille's book), The infamous Einstine coat, a baby blanket or 2, and a patch for Henry's Blanket (which i really need to get back to!!!)
Ahh!! the rest of summer should be great, i can finally relax a bit :)
when i find my camera I will post the swatch for the poncho, its soo cute!!!!

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Jul. 2nd, 2004 @ 11:38 pm finally a blog of my own
well, the reason i chose livejournal, got a few already, so using it is no biggie. plus i got a client server thingy, which means i can write on my computer and upload, which is cool.
so about me
i am in college
i am a recent knitter
i have lots of stuff to post
and i can't find my camera
well i'll update later,
Leave a message!! :P
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